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Family Birth Center

Having a baby is a very special time, but it can be a little overwhelming. It’s comforting to know that Memorial Hospital of Gardena is there for you during every stage of your pregnancy. Our team of healthcare professionals is ready and waiting to embrace you as you expand your family.

We’re here for you the moment you think you’re pregnant

Ready to expand your family? We’re here for you the moment you think you’re pregnant. We offer free pregnancy testing and physician referral services to get you started off right. Our team of healthcare professionals are committed to helping you and your family from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy. Delivering healthy beginnings at Memorial Hospital of Gardena.

Free Services

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Physician Referral Services
  • Breastfeeding education and consultation
  • Maternity tour
  • Financial application assistance
  • Baby shower
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Receive Infant car seat upon delivery
  • Local Transportation

What we offer

Preparing For Birth

Your birthing experience begins before delivery. We help prepare expecting parents for their labor and delivery with prenatal classes. Led by a prenatal educator, these classes teach important relaxation techniques as well as educate on what to expect during and after delivery.


Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for both mother and baby, a time for bonding. Breastfeeding provides the most natural nutrients for your baby’s health and protection. Our nurses are available to assist you with breastfeeding.

The Golden Hour

The first hour after birth or “The Golden Hour”, is a special occasion for Mom, Dad and Baby to spend time as a family. Immediately after delivery, your baby will be placed skin-to-skin until the baby finishes the first breastfeeding. This is a special time to bond with your baby.

Involving Your Coach

We realize your coach is an important part of your labor and delivery team. Our medical staff makes the extra effort to involve coaches in the birthing experience and keep them engaged and informed.

Feeding Support

Our team of healthcare professionals are here to answer any questions you have about feeding your baby. We realize this is one of the most important decisions and we would like to provide you with the information and support to help you reach your goals.


We provide 24-hour rooming-in, allowing Mom and Baby to remain together throughout their hospital stay. This allows families to bond and learn the baby’s cues while our nurses support positive interactions between Mom and Baby.

Non-Pharmalogical Labor Pain Relief Methods

Medications used to relieve pain during labor may affect your baby’s ability to breastfeed soon after. At MHG, we want to give you options to make this special time as comfortable as possible. Talk with your doctor about pain management options that may work for you.

Family Centered

We recognize that each family is unique. Our family centered approach fosters communication between your family and our healthcare team. Our focus is delivering the highest quality care to you and your family during this special time. We also encourage immediate bonding of the mother to her newborn by encouraging skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding.

Baby Friendly

Breastfeeding is both a natural and important way to maintain the normal development of your baby. Being named a Baby Friendly Hospital shows our commitment and dedication on the care of your newborn by promoting Skin-to-Skin contact and breastfeeding. Memorial Hospital of Gardena is proud to be named a Baby Friendly USA Hospital.

Memorial Hospital of Gardena has been named a 5-Star Recipient for Vaginal and C-Section Deliveries by Healthgrades®. To learn more about our awards, click here.